The Weirdness of Nonduality #2: Can I Die?

A series of dialogues, arguments, expositions, and stories seeking to reveal the utter weirdness, as well as the possible truth, of nonduality. This is the second piece in this series.

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. Credit: Alexandra Taggart (2013)

Intellectual Strategy #1: The Assumption of a Self and the Bifurcation of Non-existence and Existence

Intellectual Strategy #2: Leaving No Unfinished Business

Intellectual Strategy #3: Betrayal

Intellectual Strategy #4: Feeling Nothing

Crestone, Colorado. Credit: Alexandra Taggart (2018).

Confronting the Axioms Head-on

‘Neither Birth Nor Death’

What If I Cannot Die?

Enlightenment or Bust!

Practical Philosopher, Ph.D. | Rinzai Zen Buddhist ( | Examining What Technologists Are Taking For Granted

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