Sweetness is just a clue about what always precedes struggle, slogginess, and cumbersomeness. Must we, before all else, be encumbered? During one of the calls with Paul Millerd this week, I had written down something I’d intended to say but didn’t. It was this: “Any child could understand Total Work better than any adult because for any child life is, to a great extent, child’s play.” Now, this is probably not factually true for many children, but the statement is meant to give us pause. To help orient our contemplations. Can we not remember times that, effortless and shimmering, were so gently sweet without in any sense being construed in hedonic terms? But that isn’t just a memory. That is our birthright! Our birthright is love!

Practical Philosopher, Ph.D. | Rinzai Zen Buddhist (https://andrewjtaggart.com) | Examining What Technologists Are Taking For Granted

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