I’m An Anticareerist And You Should Be One Too

I despise careers. Not this or that career but all careers. I mean I despise the concept of the career because I think it’s a bad — and destructive — idea.

I’m an anticareerist. D. JoAnne Swanson is the founder of Anticareerism, a website devoted to anticareerist ideas, and Kate McFarland is a proponent of an anticareerist lifestyle. She defines an anticareerist as “someone who chooses to reject the pursuit of a career in his or her own life.” Which makes me an anticareerist in an even stronger, or objective, sense since I believe that putting any career front and center in one’s life, regardless of who one is or whichever career path one is on, is a bad and destructive idea.

What Is A Career?

Former Facebook president Sean Parker once remarked, “I think a career is something your father brings home in a briefcase every night, looking kind of tired.” The sentiment I agree with, but as a definition it remains fuzzy. It’s good, therefore, to become clearer first about what I’m going to vehemently attack.

Nine Arguments Against Careerism

I submit nine arguments against careerism:

A Bad But Sticky Idea

For too long, the career has been a bad but sticky idea. It has clung to social life, sometimes changing shape, almost always vainly worrying about its wan appearance. But it’s time has come.

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