Great question. First, I think it’d be good to know what people mean when they speak of meaning, purpose, value, etc. Usually, these concepts are employed in a rather vague sort of way. But let’s suppose here that we know what we’re talking about. Then, second, I don’t think one needs to reconcile career with purpose. Quite the contrary, purpose in life can be opened up when one no longer thinks in careerist terms. Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What is all this about? These — call them — purpose-laden questions can’t be answered fully or properly by the career anyway. Thirdly and just as a coda, we soon forget that the career is a concept that was only invented in the nineteenth century and then was only propagated (I believe) after World War II during the rise of professional class. By my lights, we never needed that concept and we certainly don’t need it now.

Practical Philosopher, Ph.D. | Rinzai Zen Buddhist ( | Examining What Technologists Are Taking For Granted

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