Reflections on Happiness and Cosmology

I. In Search of the Cosmos: A Plea for Astrology and Alchemy

You might find it an odd, not to say also an especially infelicitous, way to begin these reflections on the nature of happiness by offering up a special plea for astrology and alchemy. But hear me out.

I know precious little about either but enough about both to be able…


The question I ask in this long form essay is: “Why are people not kinder to one another and to all sentient beings? Why, indeed, is not kindness the default mode?”

And the answer I come to is this one: we are not clear and we are not wise.


The Uninvited Confession, The New Confessional

Over the years, and most especially during the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve noticed an unsettling trend: people I barely know or do not know at all will send me letters written in the mode of a confession. Completely out of the blue. The writer will not ask after me or mine…

A critique of Total Work in a time of COVID-19

Find Your Sweetness!

Don’t “find your bliss!” if “finding your bliss” continues, mistakenly to be sure, to lead you to hunt for that chimera, Meaningful Work.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about finding meaningful work because meaningful work…

Starring the Mischievous Magician, The Clever Ones, & a Band of Merry Pranksters

Casting A Spell

Once upon a time, there lived a mischievous magician in a realm just above that of upright, ambulatory, hairless creatures who’d taken to calling themselves homo sapiens.

A series of dialogues, arguments, expositions, and stories seeking to reveal the utter weirdness, as well as the possible truth, of nonduality. This is the third piece in this series.

Central Question

Through meditation, how can one test whether time is ultimately real?


There are many ways of speaking about the path to enlightenment. In a recent satsang (questions with the teacher), Advaita Vedanta teacher Francis Lucille suggests that

— you can begin by investigating whether consciousness is numerically identical with the…

Andrew Taggart

Practical Philosopher, Ph.D. | Meditation Teacher | Zen Buddhist | Proponent of nondual metaphysics (

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