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This write-up was originally posted on January 4th. I won’t be taking more applications after the end of January 11th.

The Character Of Our Time

It has gone largely unnoticed that our time is defined by Total Work, the long historical process through which human beings have been slowly transformed into Workers as nearly every domain of life — almost every nook and cranny — has come to be, or resemble, work. More and more people live for, and sometimes die for, work while mistakenly construing their lives as works themselves.

How soon we forget! Until the birth of the…


The question I ask in this long form essay is: “Why are people not kinder to one another and to all sentient beings? Why, indeed, is not kindness the default mode?”

And the answer I come to is this one: we are not clear and we are not wise.

I’d like to take you on the path that brought me here.


“Man is immersed in dreams… He lives in sleep… He is a machine.”

–G.I. Gurdjieff

I. Living in a Dream

Until the age of 29, I had been living in a dream. Indeed, I had been immersed in one. It told me: “You are…

On groundlessness and existential homelessness

I. A Dream

In a dream, you see that you’re somewhere you’ve never been before, the landscape you survey appearing unrecognizable to you. Only in the next breath, it strikes you as if, no, this landscape is all too familiar. Either way, it’s clear to you that you don’t feel at home here (wherever “here” is), and you have the intuition, one that comes and goes, that you don’t know what home is or where it is or, really, how it is.

Looking down, you’re shocked, though only slightly, as you notice that there is no ground beneath your feet. How long have…

To Those Who Received The February Discount Code

The course will be held on each Sunday in February: that is, on February 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. The start time will be 4 p.m. EST/9 p.m. GMT.

The application form, which includes further instructions at the top, can be found here. The discount code will be redeemable until the end of December 21st.

Update (October 12)

The course was full by October 10th, i.e., in 2-3 days after it was listed. If you’d like to be put on a list of those interested in taking the February course, please fill out this contact form.


The Character of Our Time

It has gone largely unnoticed that…

The Uninvited Confession, The New Confessional

Over the years, and most especially during the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve noticed an unsettling trend: people I barely know or do not know at all will send me letters written in the mode of a confession. Completely out of the blue. The writer will not ask after me or mine, nor will he or she in any way include me in what, time was, used to be termed “a conversation.” Instead, the writer, spilling guts onto the page, will speak at me.

What is readily observable is a profound–nay, shocking–level of self-importance together with an inability to even remotely entertain…

A critique of Total Work in a time of COVID-19

Photo Credit: Abel Escobar

Find Your Sweetness!

Don’t “find your bliss!” if “finding your bliss” continues, mistakenly to be sure, to lead you to hunt for that chimera, Meaningful Work.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about finding meaningful work because meaningful work doesn’t exist. The bad news is that you’ve been looking for years or deluding yourself into believing in a phantasm for decades. I say, “Embrace your inner Newhart and — ‘Just stop it! Stop it right now!’”

Instead, find that in your life that is sweeter than work. Since work…

Starring the Mischievous Magician, The Clever Ones, & a Band of Merry Pranksters

Merry Pranksters, circa 1964

Casting A Spell

Once upon a time, there lived a mischievous magician in a realm just above that of upright, ambulatory, hairless creatures who’d taken to calling themselves homo sapiens.

In which I discuss Plotinus’s critiques of our entrepreneurial age

And indeed men, whenever they become too feeble to contemplate, undertake action as a shadow of contemplation and reason. For since the weakness of their souls does not make contemplating fit for them, not being able sufficiently to grasp the object of contemplation, and through this not being fulfilled, yet desiring to see it, they are brought to action, so as to see what they cannot grasp with intellect. Thus whenever they make, they themselves want to see it and they want others to contemplate and perceive whenever their intention as far as possible becomes action. …

A series of dialogues, arguments, expositions, and stories seeking to reveal the utter weirdness, as well as the possible truth, of nonduality. This is the third piece in this series.

Chinese Ideogram: “Eternity”

Central Question

Through meditation, how can one test whether time is ultimately real?


There are many ways of speaking about the path to enlightenment. In a recent satsang (questions with the teacher), Advaita Vedanta teacher Francis Lucille suggests that

— you can begin by investigating whether consciousness is numerically identical with the body;

— next, you can see whether consciousness depends upon, and is limited by, the body-mind;

— finally, you can investigate whether consciousness is, in fact, unlimited and therefore universal.

I don’t think virtually anyone believes that consciousness is numerically identical with the body, though the modern materialist paradigm does…

In which I explore the messy, often confusing status of religion and spirituality in the United States today

Joshua Tree, California. Credit: Alexandra Taggart (2013).

We first met the Golden Oracle in 2013. She had just finished a 90-day juice fast and looked, in the farmers’ market where we saw her, a little bit shaky, if also rather wild. Back then, her name was just Angela, a woman fairly recently departed from LA, and around the time we left Joshua Tree, in March 2015, it was still Angela.

It was only later that she became the Golden Oracle, only later, and unbeknownst to us, that her divine services in the forms of sacred nourishment, womb chakra healing, oracle readings, sacred pregnancies, and cacao ceremonies would…

Andrew Taggart

Practical Philosopher, Ph.D. | Rinzai Zen Buddhist (https://andrewjtaggart.com) | Examining What Technologists Are Taking For Granted

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